As a Covenant Partner

As a covenant partner and a Christian believer we walk in the wisdom of God, not in this world’s wisdom. Wisdom qualifies us. We are excellent examples of God’s servants, no matter where we are. We operate as five talents with strong love for God. We love God above all else. We live by faith. We are mature Christians. We are totally obedient and committed to the fulfillment of the vision. We allow the Word of God to strengthen our capacity to receive. We supersede expectations to fulfill the vision. We always bring back more than what was initially given. We know how to multiply. We never compromise our standards based on what we don’t have. When opposition arises, we reflect on the Word of God before responding. Wisdom is never in a hurry. Godly wisdom is never moved by outside turbulence, but by inward peace. We work smarter not harder. We are good discerners not poor judges. We are a team that depend on one another. We show up if no one does. We get the job done in excellence, integrity and love. We are willing to sacrifice and lay down our lives and will for this vision. We support OBM with our prayers, talents, submission, and commitment and with our money. I believe I receive what I just confessed, in Jesus name, amen!

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