Bill & Brigette Thomas

The late Pastors Bill & Brigette Thomas had been married since 1983. They had been together since they were Juniors and Seniors in High School. They are proud parents of three children: Brittney, and a set of twins Pastors Will & Briana Thomas.

They both served as the Youth Ministers at Galilee Baptist Church for several years. Pastor Bill was licensed in 1994 and Pastor Brigette was licensed in 1996 as Ministers under the leadership of the late Rev. Dr. Eugene Weathers. They graduated in January 1996 from Elijah Academy’s four year Ministerial School at Galilee. They were ordained and installed as Pastors of Open Bible Ministries in June of 1998 at New Atonement Church under the leadership of Pastors Robert & Stephanie Jennings.

On August 2, 1998 they founded Open Bible Ministries. The Ministry was birthed to gather God’s scattered and to restore families. Within 3 years there were over 39 ministries, hosting annual conferences such as Real Anointed Women (RAW) Conference, Family Conference and Faith & Finance Conference.

In November 2001, they opened Life Restoration Services, Inc. (LRS). LRS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restore life unto any individual by developing and empowering them through various courses, training, counseling and programs.

In April 2003, Pastor Bill was installed as a Board Member of Tony & Cynthia Brazelton Ministries Son’s & Daughters (TCBM). TCBM Son’s & Daughters is an organization birthed by Apostles Tony & Cynthia Brazelton.

As God moved through them their ministry grew by leaps and bounds and continues to strive to be a blessing to the community in which it resides as well as God’s people.


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